Monday, September 11, 2006

What other says about my school

It is always good to receive positive feedback from subscribers on my school. These are unsolicited comments which i had received. Personally these little ninjas have taken a leap of faith in joining my school and rest assured, you will be well taken care of because of your little faith. Frankly if you are still hesitating, i don't blame you! It is already so difficult to trust someone whom we have met in real life, it is more difficult to trust a ninja hiding behind a veil!!

Anyway, Lesson 1 has started. Lesson 1 is on choosing the right brokerage firm. I am covering from ground zero upwards. It is like 'reliving' my experience on how I started onto this path of deciding to be a trader all over again.

IMF is coming to town!! Nicoll Highway will be closed to traffic from 10-20 Sep 2006 and i am forced to take a different route to office! Can the government compensate me for the higher ERP charges i have to pay because of this?! hehehe.. Our govt is really very powerful.. even the Channel 5 movie tonight (Charlie's Angel 2) and next Sunday (Matrix Reloaded) got some standard. While Mediacorp will definitely deny it frantically, somehow deep in my heart, i felt that this is also 'pre-arranged' to screen better shows during this period to welcome the IMF delegates. Personally I think some of the security arrangements are really "over-kill" measures like setting up barricades around the monuments... sigh.. what to do?!?! I am sure the "KFC" woman who planned to do a protest on chicken farming would know the powress of our police force.. and some people just never give up isnt it?!


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