Monday, November 13, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean

It has been a long time since I last posted on my blog. I have been very busy with the setting up of the Ninja Trading School and amazingly busy travelling due to work in the last 1 month. Anyway, I just post a few of the pictures which i took during a business trip to the Caribbean. You must be saying 'wow' this is a dream job... but frankly travelling on business to such places is 'no joke'. You have to endure > 22 hours of flight, go through the very troublesome customs a few times and then just stay there for 2 nights alone when everyone around you is there on a holiday...

(The view from my hotel balcony. The Caribbean Sea really looks enticing isn't it?)

Frankly I am not a beach person (afterall, we are in Singapore!) but I must admit the sea with its various layered of crystal blue looks really clean and good. I couldn't help but join in the fun as well after all my meetings...

(The picture of a similar catamaran which i am in)

I decided to make the full use of time by taking a cruise to snorkel with the turtles and over some shipwreck. I sighted some flying fish there! It was really amazing to see that fish can 'fly'! The turtles are truly overfed from the daily feeding and snorkeling session as someone will 'lure in' the turtles with fish meat. The Captain warned all male participants to wear their trunks as the turtles will just bite anything that dangles and looks like a fish.

(stopover for lunch near Sandy Lane where Tiger Woods got married!)

We stopover for lunch at a place called Sandy Lane (the whitish building in the background). While it seemed nothing 'spectacular', it costs more than US$1,000 per room per night!!


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