Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My thoughts on Ninja Trading School

It has been more than 4 months since i started the Ninja Trading School. I still owe my little ninjas many lessons on how to trade. I hope to complete a lesson on Technical Anlaysis soon!! :( and would like to share some of my thoughts on this little school of mine.

The most humbling experience in setting up this school is knowing that there are many traders who are better than me and yet as humble as ever to actually enrol in my school. hahaha. I dont think i can even trade as well as some of them. There are many hidden dragons among us and I am sure they will continue to do well in their trading. It is their willingness to share what they know that makes them outstanding little ninjas. Without their participation, my "classroom" would have beeen very boring and quiet. Thanks to all little ninjas who actively participate in classroom activities even when yours truly has been caught up in meeting, work and overseas travel.

The most pleasure i derive is to have a group of trading kakis who faithfully appear at 845 am and then disappear at 515pm each day at the trading room. We have indeed mastered the act of appearing and disappearing. Not to mention acquring the skills to watch over our shoulders in case our bosses caught us trading the market. Thanks for all the companion. We were all at a loss when we lost our internet connection due to a small earthquake in Taiwan.

For all the little ninjas who went through this journey with me, thanks for your patience and understanding. I had a great time enjoying your friendship. I hope to continue sharing my trading journey with you. May we continue to enjoy a trusting and fulfilling journey together as each of us seek to find our own personal trading style.


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