Monday, September 18, 2006

HL Asia

Just to do a quick update on the position in HL Asia... The technical picture for HL Asia remains healthy and even though I am just glad it closes at 154 today (on low volume though), I would prefer to see more interest by institutional investors. It would need to break 155 strongly before we can hope to see it near to 160. In the meantime...continue to fall asleep watching this counter....zzzz.zzzz....

AEM Ever Tech

This is a chart request from my little ninja.

Fundamentally - AEM reported a good set of 1H 06 results and seemed to be the main beneficiary of an upswing in the semiconductor cycle! DBS gives it a 12 month target of 34 cents.
Based on 06F EPS of 4.9 Singapore cents, at 23 cents, it is last trading at a prospective PE of 4.7x (really cheap!) It's also trading below its projected 06 Dec book value of 24.7 cents! Assuming the Semiconductor upswing remains intact, this stock is really "value" for money.

Technically - AEM chart is on a nice uptrend but is entering its short term resistance zone around the 24-25 cents area. In order to see a better technical picture, i zoomed out to the weekly chart. Weekly chart pattern showed a 'shooting star' candle last week with overbought RSI and Stochastic. This may present a short term (1-3 weeks) correction down to the 21-22 cents support which in my opinion presents another opportunity to buy. The uptrend is likely to resume once the short term correction is over. If it breaks the 25 cents resistance, it should head towards the 30 cents mark.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What other says about my school

It is always good to receive positive feedback from subscribers on my school. These are unsolicited comments which i had received. Personally these little ninjas have taken a leap of faith in joining my school and rest assured, you will be well taken care of because of your little faith. Frankly if you are still hesitating, i don't blame you! It is already so difficult to trust someone whom we have met in real life, it is more difficult to trust a ninja hiding behind a veil!!

Anyway, Lesson 1 has started. Lesson 1 is on choosing the right brokerage firm. I am covering from ground zero upwards. It is like 'reliving' my experience on how I started onto this path of deciding to be a trader all over again.

IMF is coming to town!! Nicoll Highway will be closed to traffic from 10-20 Sep 2006 and i am forced to take a different route to office! Can the government compensate me for the higher ERP charges i have to pay because of this?! hehehe.. Our govt is really very powerful.. even the Channel 5 movie tonight (Charlie's Angel 2) and next Sunday (Matrix Reloaded) got some standard. While Mediacorp will definitely deny it frantically, somehow deep in my heart, i felt that this is also 'pre-arranged' to screen better shows during this period to welcome the IMF delegates. Personally I think some of the security arrangements are really "over-kill" measures like setting up barricades around the monuments... sigh.. what to do?!?! I am sure the "KFC" woman who planned to do a protest on chicken farming would know the powress of our police force.. and some people just never give up isnt it?!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Its a Noble act

I am almost done with the setting up of my ninja trading school. The response has been most encouraging and the experience of running a school most humbling (in terms of making me realised how IT unsavvy i am). Anyway, i hope i am done with this school admin stuff (no wonder all the MOE teachers i know say they dont mind teaching but the admin stuff is the killer).

Anyway, the basis in which the school is run is on passion and integrity and frankly i was pleasantly surprised by the 'hot' response. Maybe my expectation was not that high but it was a happy problem. The school is being run very openly (like SMU style?) where little ninjas are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions.

Anyway, in the midst of setting up my website, i initiated a trade alert #1 in Noble on 5 Sep. The seller was JPM but luckily, the buying was much more stronger. Anyway here is the update on the position and it appears to be heading towards 120 in the coming days.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ninja Trading School

I have finally set up my trading school. There are still many loose ends to tie such as putting in a glossary, writing articles for the school, uploading the research reports. While things seemed to move slowly as i am a "IT-goon", i believe the efficiency will improve once i get the hang of it. So my apologies for not 'sharing' more for the last many many days. Very tired liao, it is already 2.05 am and still seemed like got a lot of things havent done yet. :( Good nite...
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